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Check out the consistent market beating performance of our trading system over the long term, using NASDAQ 100, S&P 500 and DOW trading system to trade QQQ, SPY and DIA Exchange Trading Funds (ETFs).


- The best choice for mid and long-term traders who want to make a high yearly return. The QQQ trading system Provides trading signals updated on a daily basis. These trading signals are focused on QQQ shares, NASDAQ 100 index derivatives. By using the QQQ Trading System, you can easily make 20% or more during a year. By using QQQ trading system, you only need to log in once, register for email alerts and follow the signals posted on the site.
QQQ Signals - Past 3 Months
Our Compound Margin Buy & Hold Returns
11% -2%
Last Update: Monday, October 20, 2014

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The best system for people trading DOW Jones Index derivatives. The Dow Jones market timing system can generate profits of more than 50% in just several years. This market timing system is based on volume analysis conducted by our professional analysts before they issue any recommendation. In short, the DOW trading system is a reliable timing system for traders who want a good return but low risk.
DOW Signals - Past 3 Months
Our Compound Margin Buy & Hold Returns
5% -4%
Last Update: Monday, October 20, 2014

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- For conservative mid and long-term traders who don't want to worry about the safety of their investments. This system not only works for S&P 500 index shares, SPDRs, but it also works for S&P 500 & S&P 100 options and futures. Depending on the amount of risk you are willing to tolerate, you can trade high yield options and futures, or trade lower yielding, but more conservative SPDRs shares.
SPDRs Signals - Past 3 Months
Our Compound Margin Buy & Hold Returns
10% -4%
Last Update: Monday, October 20, 2014

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Advantages of Trading ETFs that track Index

  • Conservative Trading: While a Company can go bankrupt and its stock price drop to zero, while options could expire and become worthless, the ETFs will never have zero value. Furthermore, ETF trading is generally considered more conservative. In addition we issue signals only on very strong conservative signals.
  • Leverage: Potential to add leverage to a portfolio by using leveraged (known as Ultra, Dynamic, 2X and 3X) Exchange Traded Funds provides an opportunity for outperforming the index and index tracking stock;
  • Less Capital Investment: You won't need to purchase a basket of stocks to get the performance of an index. You can buy the index ETFs directly and as easily as a stock;
  • Trading Up and Down Markets: Can perform well in both rising and falling markets. While funds are used to trade rising market, inverse ETFs could be used to trade falling markets as well. In addition if you can trade short you may sell ETFs short in the same way you sell short a regular stock;
  • IRA Account: An investor may open IRA account with ETFs. There are no minimum amounts for subsequent investments in the ETFs.

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