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Frequently Asked Questions

Service FAQs:

You can subscribe on a Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly basis. (Click Here for subscription rates).

If you decide to subscribe to our service, you will first be billed after you complete our subscription process (using our Registration page). You will then choose a User ID and Password which will give you immediate access to our current signal.

Our prices are subject to change.

This system was designed to satisfy demands of traders who wants to conservatively trade indexes and index derivatives.

Our signals are published by during the trading hours.

During the trading session our system automatically collects market data and our volume analysts make their recommendations based on the results of analyzing the volume data along with other forms of proprietary forms of technical analysis. After analysis we create a signal which is published to the site as either "Long", "Short", or "Cash".

If you are interested in doing this type of analysis on your own, you can always go to MarketVolume and sign up for volume charts.

A new signal will first be posted on our website; an email alert will then be issued right after that.

Yes, our subscribes receive email alerts on any signal change. It allows them to be informed about the signals when they are posted on our system.

With our Email Alert service, you won't miss out on knowing about profitable trades. You can even have the Email Alerts sent to your cellular phone or pager as long as they have set up an email address for you.

We designed our market timing system to make it simple for investors to manage their own accounts using traditional or online brokers. Currently, we do not offer managed accounts.

Currently we are offering a promotion for our real-time trading signals, which give all new subscribers access to all of our signals products (QQQ, SPDRs and DIA). All of these signals will be made available to you as a real-time signal, just like QQQ. Everything you get with QQQ signals you will also get with our SPDRs and DIA signal.

All of our index signals are different. Even if all the indexes are following the same trend, that doesn't mean that the highs and lows will be exactly the same. What are signals give you is the opportunity to enter and exit a position at the best possible price for any of our signals.

Below you will find a trade history for our SPDRs and DIA trading signals generated by our market timing system. These trade histories are exactly as you would see them if you were a member.

System FAQs:

Generally, one of the most prudent approaches would be to simply wait until we publish a new signal.

On the other hand, one of the most prudent approaches is to use what is called 'dollar cost averaging'. Basically this means if you wanted to invest $10,000 using our market timing system, you could simply start off with investing 20 percent of that figure, and every week thereafter invest another 20 percent every week until you are fully invested, or until we issue a new signal.

Of course, the other approach would be to simply wait until we publish a new signal.

When we publish a signal that says 'long', this means we are buying at market price. When we publish a signal that says 'cash', that means we are closing our position and are remaining in cash until a new signal is generated. When we publish a signals that says 'short', we sell short (and make money as the index moves lower).

If you would like to follow our signals without ever having to go short (as shorting can sometimes be risky), simply remain in a cash position whenever we publish a 'short' signal.

All investors should have a diversified investment strategy for their portfolios. Basically, we would never suggest that you put all your eggs in one basket. In other words, spread your risk by investing your funds in several places and ways.

We subscribe to a few basic rules. First, we suggest that you never put more than half of your investments into any one security. Generally investors prefer to put much less than half of their assets into a single security.

Secondly, never invest in a timing strategy if you need access to your money during the short-term (within six months).

Finally, prepare yourself to stick with the timing strategy. Investing with consistency takes a good deal of fortitude, but when done properly can pay off royally. Most investors buy high and sell low in the end, but with market timing, those emotional decisions are left out of the equation. This way you can maximize your profits!

Our suggested allocation is as follows: 33% for trading QQQ stock; 3% for trading SPDRs and 33% for DIA.

All our returns have been real-time tested since 2003.

We calculate all the returns for our trading signals based on the market price at the moment the signal was published. We do this because we publish new signals during the trading hours with the expectation that the trade should be executed shortly after. Therefore, the returns are based on the market price for QQQ at the moment a signal is generated by the trading system.

All returns are cumulative returns that assume 100 percent reinvestment of profits gained. That means that if we made 5 trades with 10% returns each, the compounded return would be 61% rather than a total 50% return.

Technical FAQs:

Our Trading Signals are based on a trading system which was initially developed by Highlight Investment's research group. The foundation of our Trading Signals is based on volume technical analysis which is provided by MarketVolume (Part of Highlight Investments Research Group). We have had a lot of feedback from our members at MarketVolume, and they have complete trust in our product. They see that they can profit handsomely by using a system which is based on technical analysis to which they have become accustomed. To satisfy the demands of our users from MarketVolume, we have created Trading Systems which are a result of MarketVolume's analysis presented in clear signals of when to buy and sell. More...

We calculate all the returns for our signals based on prices whithin 2-3 minutes after a signal was generated. We do this because we publish new market signals during market trading hours; new signals are indented to be acted right after they are generated.

All returns are cumulative returns that assume 100% reinvestment of profits gained. That means that if we made 5 trades with 10% returns each, the compounded return would be 61% rather than a total 50% return.

RISK STATEMENT: The trading of stocks, futures, commodities, index futures or any other securities has potential rewards, and it also has potential risks involved. Trading may not be suitable for all users of this Website. Analyst research available through this Website does not constitute a recommendation or a solicitation any particular investor should purchase or sell any particular securities. Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future performance. You absolutely must make your own decisions before acting on any information obtained from this Website. More...
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