What to expect from our Nasdaq 100 trading system

No TV, No News,
No Complicated Analysis,
No Emotions Involved!

Let the professionals do their job,
All you have to do is follow their advice
and you will see your money grow!

What should you expect trading QQQ?

QQQ Signals - Past 3 Months

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Last Update: Thursday, April 17, 2014
  • This spectacular gain was achieved using only signals for trend-trading or swing-trading.
  • All trades were made by only trading the QQQ stock; no options were traded. We consider options to be a risky tool for conservative traders.
  • With our trend-trading system, you can profit whether the market is going up or down.
  • With our trading system, you can see how exceptional the results have been trading Nasdaq 100. And these results are achieved without trading futures on QQQ or using a margin account!

For most investors, the Nasdaq 100are too risky to buy and hold because of their ups and downs. However, they are perfect for our trading system because they provide volatility, which our market timing system thrives on.

Every trader knows that a buy-and-hold strategy for index shares has the potential to kill your portfolio. All you need to do to get a great return like ours is to follow our advice.

With our Nasdaq 100 market timing you will always know what to do: When to Buy and When to Sell QQQ!

If you had started with $100,000 3 months ago and made 9 percent, you would now have $109,000
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